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March 31, 2014

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A little spring cleaning for the blog.

Madigan made… a few blog updates.

This time of year many of us like to air out our houses, deep clean and spruce things up a bit. Well, that same principle can apply to our online spaces, too. I’ve been growing tired of my blog’s look and logo for some time now. I haven’t moved my site over to WordPress yet for a full update… but I wanted to make a few quick changes for the site this spring.

The blog design is still the same layout… I just updated my logo, cleaned up my side bar and changed some of the colors to freshen up the site. Simple changes, but they make a big difference in how the site feels to me.

I want to thank my youngest brother, Brian, for the logo design. It is simple, clean and classic – which is exactly the look I wanted. The logo kind of evokes an “American Made” vintage stamp, right? (That was the general inspiration for the design.) And the blue color is so pretty!

You also may note the new tag line: Creative Living Made Simple.

I think this statement summarizes my goals for Madigan Made succinctly… I hope to continue to bring you, my readers, simple and creative solutions for your life… be it home d├ęcor ideas to easy recipes.

Someday soon I hope to move to WordPress, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying these small spring cleaning changes!

Do you find yourself looking to make little changes around your spaces this time of year? Small updates can make a big difference, don’t you think?